Incense (2)

[I’ve gone back and edited this post because my opinion of Ecclecstacy has basically degenerated into distaste.] 

Talked to a good friend last night who also asked me about where to get some good incense online. Not all geographic areas will have good new age/import/head stores that stock premium incense, so in these cases its best to head to some of the boutique dealers on line.

I mentioned matchlessgifts last post, the makers (or probably distributors) of the Mystic Temple line of incense. I’ve generally had great service from them, although most of my experience has been by doing phone orders and they have a much deeper catalog on line. I did get chewed out by one of their employees on the phone who apparently thought I expected my shipment to turn up over night when I was just trying to get a total, but on the other hand I’ve usually been well treated and like a lot of places they send some neat samples. Last time they sent me a package of the Mystic Temple Red Tara line (which strangely enough doesn’t seem to be on their on line catalog, or at least I didn’t find it) which was a really unique blend and one I’d like to find more of.

Rare Essence blends include Vanilla Amber, which may be slightly nicer than my perennial favorite analog I mentioned in my last post. I love dry, spicy blends and this one is heaven, the stock at the store nearby went very fast the first time out. They also have two of the very best sandalwood durbars out there. The first is almost a straight sandalwood champa, which is an incense I don’t seem to see much of anywhere, I remember the closest analog was in a Mystic Temple sample years ago, but I don’t ever remember them selling it alone. It really does have the fine sandalwood in front, and it’s also dry and possibly something of an acquired taste. A little more accessible is their Precious Sandalwood which seems to have a more oil and less wood to it, it’s more of a blend and an extremely nice one as well. My other two favorites in the line are the Frankincense Deluxe and the Triple Amber. While I prefer the Omani White Frankincense I mentioned in my last write-up by a hair, it’s a perfect example of how great frankincense is in a durbar. The Triple Amber is a standard, a blend I’ve seen from several different companies and is one of the richest blends of ambers you’ll find. Amber is something I’ll probably discuss at some point as its an ingredient that varies in both source and application.

Anyway, the full line is probably worth checking out for different tastes, although I’m not as impressed by the other four blends (I usually prefer spice/wood blends to floral ones).

to be continued…



  1. Mike said,

    May 5, 2007 at 8:54 pm

    Hey, if you don’t know what’s what in terms of the ingredients, the best way to check things out is to try a few different ones. Like a sandalwood, a frankincense, an amber etc. The ones I link to on this article will give you some very nice examples thereof. e-mail me if you need more assistance…

  2. dt said,

    May 5, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    I’ve always enjoyed incense, but don’t really know what’s what. The sites you linked are a bit overwhelming for a novice like me! 😉

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