Scented Mountain (Incense 5)

An exchange in the comments section of recent posts, led me to check out Scented Mountain, a company I keep wanting to call Sacred Mountain, which is probably the western esotericist speaking in me. And I suppose they’re almost interchangeable here. Anyway, they offer agarwood grown in a sustainable manner (explained in detail on the site) and offer various grades of aloeswood both in stick and wood form. So I decided to order their Highest Quality grade aloeswood and got in my order (quite quickly) over the weekend.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this aloeswood is as good as anything I currently own. It’s not in the kyara category of course, but it does, just a little, hint at that and it’s definitely a stronger and more full aroma than the various Vietnamese and Indonesian aloeswoods I mentioned in a previous article (it’s maybe a bit better than the top grade). The pictures of the incense itself at the site are definitely magnified quite a bit, but suffice it to say I must have burned about five or six of these 9cm sticks over the weekend and nearly had to force myself to stop, truly is the aroma breathtaking, anything from the resinous presence in all high quality aloeswood to almost cinnamon and clove like tinges to it. In fact I’d be amazed if anyone didn’t think this was a blend of some sort.

Anyway thanks again to Kerry for the referral, I’m starting to wonder what 100g bundles might cost. I should also mention I was sent a sample of the wood itself, although it was impossible for me to tell what grade it was, it burned quite nicely on the makko itself…

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  1. italiano215 said,

    August 13, 2012 at 6:40 pm

    Hi did you enjoy the chips as much plus get an idea on the grade?

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