Incense (6)

Got a fabulous new order of incense in from the people at Ecclecstacy, pretty much everything I wanted with some samples, including one unlabeled incense that could possibly be one of the greatest sticks I’ve experienced, and I still haven’t heard back on just what this is, but I want lots more of it. A very watery (in the esoteric sense), musky blend that I can still smell in my office miles away from where I last burnt anything. Unsurprisingly it was wrapped with the Sho-Kaku I mentioned in another post, as it’s very close to that level, and I was definitely glad to get more of that fine blend as well. To be able to burn a full inch of it felt like a luxury and it’s even better over time, almost a zillion different subscents pop out at you.

Most of what I got were Satya champa blends and I’m hoping in the not too different future to provide a guide to that brand’s wide and varied blends, some marketed for the West, some as obscure to me as the language, but most rather amazing. It’s taken me a while to get around to getting opinions on these incenses as there seem to be issues, primarily the fact that I’ve noticed a major difference in quality between fresh Satya blends and those that seem to have sat on a shelf since time immemorial. If your sticks are dry, cracked and retaining no poweder, you might as well throw them out given how much of the luster has been lost.

For instance, many of the larger Satya packs come with a sample of another blend in a small box, these are often dull beyond measure. I had several boxes with an incense called Aastha, well if I had gone on my opinion from those boxes, I would have said it’s fair if not worse, but in actually getting a fresh pack in the mail, I’d say it’s absolutely brilliant stuff. I’m not sure how one can avoid these issues except by purchasing from mail order places or someone with a lot of turn over. Not record stores, head shops etc.

It is worth mentioning that Satya have five new blends out. The first I was introduced to, Trishaa, is fabulous, and I’d hesitate to say there’s a strong spikenard content to the stick. The other four are all packaged identically except for box color: Celestial, Midnight, Sunrise and Patchouli Forest. I’ve tried all but the latter so far and they’re all great, maybe Midnight could be an instant classic in my book.

Also grabbed a few more Nu Essence Blends (something else I’d like to talk about after trying them all), resin incense blends based on thelemic concepts, something I was very pleased to see. They’re all superb, and now I have some nice accompaniment for when I drop out of society and call up my HGA. Also (finally) got a little Ensei sampler, a few Japanese blends that mix aloes/sandal with spice. I tried the spicy aloeswood which made me feel like the spice got in the way.


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