and in the synchronicity category…

Lamenting over the lack of stores in Sacramento that sell fine incense, I was browsing Nippon Kodo’s website and decided to use their store locator. The only store that came up, called Zanzibar Tribal Arts, happened to be less than three blocks from where I work. So I got to walk down and check it out immediately and boy was I impressed. They carry the regular Morning Star line, the Fragrance Memories, the Ka-Fuhs, the Yume No Yume line and one of the employees showed me that they even had big coils in a drawer (something I may have to go back for). Suffice it to say, it was very nice and the owner (I think) gave me a stick of the Kayuragi Osmanthus as a sample, saying of a great line it was the best one, and based on the fresh stick I have to say I’m quite impressed. I chose the Bitter Orange, a couple YNYs and five of the Fragrance Memories, all of which I’ll probably yack about here as early as tomorrow. Apparently the Fragrance Memories do very well and the owner originally wanted to open a store based on tea, incense, and candles, but naturally the market here isn’t big enough and so it has all sorts of neat imports, statuettes and the like. Like a mini version of one of the stores you might find in SF on the Haight. It’s been a good week to say the least, something rare to say the week after vacation…


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