Dhoop Factory

This Kathmandu, Nepal incense company is really starting to become a favorite. Last night I got home and not long after I was really tired, so crashed out for a little while, which threw my schedule off pretty badly. Anyway, later when trying to sleep for the night, I was burning the Ganden (third down), one of the line that I wasn’t quite as impressed with and it absolutely fit the mood, almost perfectly. As the description states, there’s a sage-like quality to this, but it’s not as overwhelming as regular sage can be and was quite balanced. Found it totally relaxing, even burned a second stick, which means I’m going to need more than the little gift pack sample. I think the only one in the line I’m not fond of is the Lhasa. Anyway, for all the talk of wonderful Indian and Japanese incense, I find myself, lately, burning more and more of the Tibetan. Cheers to the Medicine Buddha.


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