Essence of the Ages Specials etc.

If you notice all the red “NEW!” tags on the left here, you’ll realize Essence of the Ages has expanded their stock of Japanese incense significantly, making me feel like I’m practically starting over again. So much to explore, and it probably makes this place the seller with the largest stock of Japanese incense in the country now. Also of note, is the discounted prices on various higher line Nippon Kodo pawlonia gift box incenses. Given their high line kyara incenses are disappearing about as fast as they’re being stocked, you can at least check out Kyara Kongo and Kyara Taikan gift sets at a severely discounted price. They’re both probably the most affordable incenses with kyara (or a note thereof) in them, so are well worth exploring (although keep in mind they’re not quite the experience the expensive ones are). Although it must be said that while the sets are beautiful, their utility is a bit poor, I’ve broken several sticks just opening and closing these sets.

I also had the chance to introduce a couple friends to a number of various lines over the long labor day weekend. While just about all of the samples went over well, it didn’t surprise me to see that it’s generally the modern lines and more user friendly incenses that get the attention over the more expensive aloewood lines. The place where both met was the Horin lines, which, especially Hori-kawa, went over extremely well as they’re genuinely impressive, in fact it’s one of the few lines where the sandalwood incenses are as good as the aloeswood ones. Also went over (very) well: Yume-No-Yume bamboo leaf, Fragrance Memories Siesta Siesta and, of course, anything with kyara in it (well let’s be honest, I leap about with enthusiasm when it comes to kyara).

More to come this week as I’ll be trying out a lot of new brands as they come in. But do go over and say hi to Beth at Essence if you haven’t, she makes the whole incense experience that much better.

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