A few quick incense notes

  • Shoyeido’s Horin/Gen-roku in stick form seems even closer to the premium line Misho than the coil form. Maybe a little more depth. Incredible stuff.
  • I checked out the limited edition Heart gift set by Shoyeido and was pleasantly surprised by how good both the Ai-shin and Do-shin blends were, especially the former which has a really unique sandalwood base with floral oil. Do-shin’s a little darker although I’ll need more time with both to describe better. But as they’re limited, you’ll want to act pretty fast.
  • Shoyeido’s Ki-No-Ka set is a seasonally themed set of pure aloeswood, sandalwood, kyara and some kneaded incense. It’s funny when you get it just how small the kyara pieces are, five tiny chips of wood (much less than it looks in the promo picture). The aloeswood seems very high quality, certainly better than anything I owned before, and the kneaded incense was also very interesting, but it became almost instantly clear that one’s value increases by not buring any of these directly on charcoal or makko trails, but by traditional Japanese methods. I think I really want a wood chip heater now.

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