Some initial thoughts on Korean premium incense

One item I received from Essence of the Ages is a four stick premium sampler of four different Korean sticks (second down). Korean incense is similar to Japanese in style but often uses very different ingredients. The biggest surprise to me was the Bo Rim Dan stick which reminded me very much of a mystery stick I’d been wondering about, so close it scratches a similar itch. Apparently the main ingredients are red sandalwood and pine, but the blend actually reminds me more of aloeswood, very tangy and rich, it’ll be the first item I restock next time I order. I lit it for a minute in two different rooms with rather different results, so it seems quite intricate a blend. Ja Kum is actually pretty similar, but with ingredients such as teucrium veronicoides and white poria cocos, I’m left without a lot of words to describe it except intense and rich. Ilgakmun is described as an aloeswood incense but actually reminds me heavily of old mountain sandalwood, very light and slightly resiny. Seok-hyang, a very thick reddish stick is also very strong in sandalwood but not so much with the old mountain freshness. Overall all were well worth trying out, but I preferred the former two the most.

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