Wood Chip Heaters – A Comparison

I’m working on moving part of my incense appreciation to heating wood chips and resins rather than using straight charcoal or makko trails, so I’ve been doing a bit of shopping on heaters. Beth at Essence of the Ages gave me this information, which clarified the issues very quickly and she kindly agreed to let me share it here. All three heaters in discussion can be found here.

The Shoyeido portable heater is nice. As the name states, very portable, no mess, and allows for an intimate meditation. Always stays cool on the outside, to the touch. Drawbacks are the heat up time for the charcoal, cannot be used with resins or raw herbs ( both will fall/melt through the screen as is) and temperature is unadjustable. Works well for pressed incense and wood. 

Electric Udd Warmer: Very nice but gets VERY hot. Resins tend to get too hot and smoke. Works well for wood chips. Some of my customers have told me that they have purchased or made, a dimmer switch for the warmer so that the heat becomes adjustable. As is, it is either on or off. Hot or cold. Has a red indicator light to let you know the unit is on. 

Shoyeido electric warmer: Drawback is that it is very pricey but pretty much comes with a lifetime warranty. Sorry if this comes across as my favorite, but it really is. Temperature is adjustable so it works beautifully with woods or resins. Comes with a mica plate for the woods and a small silver bowl for the resins. Has a red indicator light to let you know the unit is on. Also has a ‘tip switch’ so the unit will shut off if tipped over (very stable and I have never had a problem with a roll over.) I have one on my desk and I love it! Well worth the price, in my opinion.


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