Bo Rim + Burn Times

This page states that Bo Rim sticks are used by the Dalai Lama, which I’d have to say is a rather strong recommendation no? It is interesting how the descriptions change from page to page as well. The same page mentions aloeswood and Chinese juniper, where Essence of the Ages has it described as red sandalwood and pine. Personally I’d believe all four, although none of them satisfy what makes it so tangy/savory.

And again, on the same linked page, it says Bo Rim burns for 40 minutes, which is a lot longer than they do when it’s me doing the lighting. While I’d guess that altitude probably alters the burn time, I’m pretty near sea level, so I’m always surprised at how much faster every thing burns than what’s on the label.

Anyway, Bo Rim = goodness, although it is a bit expensive at the above link – try EofA.

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