Nippon Kodo / No. 4 (Notes on another Nippon Kodo discontinuation)

I didn’t notice before, but along with the Ka-Fuh Bamboo and the entire New Morning Star line, the NK No. series has also been discontinued. I’d only tried the No. 4 before, which was the “Tree” set, Aloeswood, Sandalwood and Bamboo. I always thought of them as NK’s version of Shoyeido’s Incense Road series. Although they weren’t in the same league as Incense Road, I thought these were among the more pleasant NK incenses (at least from a more traditional incense-minded perspective). I would have eventually tried No.s 5 and 6, but knowing I won’t be able to restock for too long, it won’t be happening.

Anyway, the following are my notes for No. 6. In looking at them I realized I had never matched up the color with the wood, but can do so thanks to Japan Incense (they have sold out on sticks, the link is for coils). The orange Aloeswood stick/coil didn’t strike me as being aloeswood like in most ways, instead it was spicy and sweet, with cinnamon in the background. It reminded me a little of the old Mermade Dragon Fire incense. The green Bamboo stick/coil, also sweet and powdery, struck me as very green tea and was probably the least impressive of the three. The red Sandalwood stick/coil might have been the best, also spicy and sweet, but with a smooth unobtrusive woodiness.

I doubt this is a series that will have anyone running for restock (the discontinuation also supports this), but as a once over, it’s pleasant, if maybe a bit too user friendly for the scents involved. I’d be curious if anyone’s tried Nos. 5 or 6.


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