Coming up

Just a heads up here. I am wildly sniffing away at the Baieido Aloeswoods Kun Sho, KoKonoe and Ho Ryu. Koh En might show up too, we will see.
Sometime next week I am supposed to be getting a package from….ready? …

Holy Transfiguration Monastery
They make Eastern Orthodox style frankincense based incense cakes/pellets (resin plus a lot of other stuff). Plus 3 different kinds of high end frankincense from different countries. What can I say, I love my incense heater and its hungry for new food!
I just got two pounds of frankincense from a guy in Oman off of EBay(who is in Oman) at a pretty good price. It smells so good, totally unlike what I can get in the natural food/herb shops in Berkeley. Plus I get to add my own ingredients…you too can play junior incense blender 🙂



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  1. ibn said,

    June 8, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    I’m looking forward to reading your comments on the Baieido premium incense sticks. Kun Sho and Koh En are two of my personal favorites.

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