Dhoop Factory / Ausadha + Coming Soon

The last couple of new Dhoop Factory incenses have been so simple in construction that there’s really not a lot to be said about them. For a while I wanted to revisit Akanishta as an adjunct to the new Ausadha blend, but it was one of those scents you can nail in one, a combo of sandalwood and cypress that does what it says on the package.

Ausadha probably has more ingredients, but it’s also a relatively simple incense. Sometimes I pull out several sticks in order to learn about the complexity of the aroma, but in this case I kept pulling them out to confirm that they were indeed rather static. Ausadha seems to be created on a basis of sandalwood and benzoin (in particular this latter ingredient is really up front), with a bit of spice, probably cinnamon and clove, to pep it up in a mild fashion. It’s actually rather neat what a mellow incense this is given the ingredients, while the benzoin’s out front, the spice cookie nature really balances it nicely. Overall it’s hard to believe most won’t find this rather pleasant and there’s a slight thread of astringency that helps to prevent this from being too safe. And overall it probably is one of the safest in the Dhoop Factory line, in that it’s missing some of the earthier, juniperish qualities found in Alpine or Sauna.

Coming up soon (all ready to go): Nippon Kodo Elemense (sampler notes), Shoyeido Xiang-Do (first part), Drepul Loseling Zin-Poe and Gold Seal, Keigado – Full Moon, and Baieido – Syukohkohku. Almost done: Shoyeido Premium Yellows (Nan-Kun, Shun-Yo, Ohyja Koh), Korean premiums, three painfully bad Gonesh sticks, and Encens du Monde Moments of Serenity/Eternity. All to be posted over the next few weeks.


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