Awaji-Baikundo / Jihi

Jihi from Awaji-Baikundo uses hydrangea tea as one of the main components of this incense. It seems to me that it adds a rather clear and bright quality to the scent. There are three kinds to choose from. SHOUJOU, which I believe may be just the hydrangea tea and some spice, Byakudan, which adds Sandalwood and the one I ended up getting, Jihi, which has a major Amber note to it. There is also a big Borneol Camphor presence ( you can really tell when you open the box ). Taken all together this combination makes for a very unique and interesting incense. This is not the regular sultry Indian Amber I was expecting, it has a much lighter, cleaner almost fresher scent then any other Amber based, well anything, then I have experienced before. I find myself really liking this one. It is the sort of thing I would burn for special moments or to set a certain mood or vibration in a room (or me for that matter). It’s not inexpensive, yet because I find that I really enjoy the particular style of Amber that it presents it will be something that I keep a stock of. It has the unique factor in spades.
Most likely I will find myself ordering the other two because the hydrangea tea aspect intrigues me no end. So much so that I am checking out my neighbor’s plants and am contemplating a raid :0 )



  1. December 10, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    […] five incenses available in the US with a much large catalog available in Japan. Ross has reviewed Jihi here and Shoujou here. Every one of these incenses is unique, amazing, and well worth sampling. It is […]

  2. July 23, 2008 at 8:10 am

    […] to run across Japanese incense sticks of any fashion that contain a noticeable amber content. Ross reported on one a few days ago, and while I’m sure that there’s a number that use it as a […]

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