Coming soon…

Next week I’ll be taking a look at the cream of Shoyeido’s premium lines, Sho-kaku, Myo-ho and Go-Un; 5 Tibetan incenses by Paljor, and, finally, a few Indian champas in the Rare Essence collection. After this, the Nepali incenses Heritage and Pilgrim (two others by the same company who did Yog Sadhana), three Encense du Monde overviews (Ikebana and Jade Orchid (Kokando Rangetsu); Prince of Awaji and the other three Karin incenses; Imperial Palace); two Nippon Kodo overviews (8 Cafe Time cones; Morning Star Lotus, Fig + East Meets West coil Thai Memory); three Mandala Trading incenses (Tibetan Peace, Tibetan Earth, Ribo Sangtseo), Mentsi Khang Bhutanese Incense (Mih), Baieido’s Byukaden and Jinko Kokoh, and Kuenzang Chodtin incense. After this, more Shrinivas Sugandhalaya incenses, Gyokushodo, Snowland, and a few of Shoyeido’s limited edition Genji series (assuming you can still buy these by then: Otome, Mio-Tsukushi, Momiji-Noha).


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