Nu Essence Resin Mixes Part 1 (Neptune, Pluto, Moon, Uranus)

The Nu Essence Resin Mixes are completely unlike the Japanese loose mixtures I reviewed last week. They are based on a combination of ancient magical formulas as well as great scent combination’s.  I have a feeling many of our readers (not to mention Mike 🙂 ) might know much more then I about the esoteric aspects involved here. It is obvious that a lot of testing and study have gone into these blends. The musk, ambergris and civet are based on high quality synthetics that, unlike most synthetics seem to work well when heated. This could be because they are also pretty much surrounded in essential oils!
These mixes come in small metal tines. About an ounce’s worth of some very powerful scent. I used, at most, 1/8 teaspoons worth in a foil square on my heaters to try them out. Actually the first time I used one I piled it on and was pretty much overwhelmed. Really, these are very potent blends using natural herbs, resins and essential oils. Some of them use so much oil that they seem moist when opening the tin. One tin will last quite a while; it is a very good deal.There are over twenty (at the moment) different blends from this company. For this review I picked four of the planetary mixes. They use a great many different components, many of which I have not experienced before this. This, for me, makes it even more fun and interesting. I will be doing at least two more reviews on this line.
They seem to work best being gently heated, plus they will last longer that way also 🙂

Tonquin musk, benzoin, sandalwood, and rose.
Very deep, sultry rose and musk scent. Everything about this is powerful, almost overpowering. The sandalwood is like a low frequency carrier note way in the back round, the benzoin’s sweetness drifting through to catch your attention and then, once again, you are surrounded by the rose infused musk hues. This is not a light scent; there is almost, at times, a bite to it. This would, to me, be something to scent or flavor a room, as opposed to say taking a deep, close in, breath. It is very potent and takes the rose floral thyme into very sultry depths.

Sandalwood, benzoin, ambergris, amber, and bitter almond.
Upon heating gently one is immediately greeted with the sandalwood, closely followed by the bitter almond. The benzoin/amber/ambergris combination present themselves as a sort of soft yet potent ambery wave to my nose. There is a certain “stone” quality at work here (perhaps the amber is the actual crushed mineral rather then the resin spice blend usually found).
Again, not a light scent, a bit less forceful then the Neptune, but still for doing up an environment, not a Koh ceremony. The bitter almond adds many interesting, and to me, new scent qualities to the mix. The “bitter” aspect playing off the ambers and sandalwood/benzoin mixes. Great fun. I find myself more drawn to this one just because it is a bit more playful.

Karaya gum, frankincense, wormwood, sandalwood, camphor, jasmine, and artemisia.
Spicy, camphorus, yet with a light floral (the jasmine) note. I guess uplifting or vibrant would be a good overall description. Not as strong scented as the two above but at the same time it holds its own in a very different manner.. As you heat it up and experience all the camphor tones the jasmine and frankincense keep drifting in. This would be great to set a very uplifting and at the same time, mellow vibe in a room. There almost seem to be many contradictions at play here as it shifts from an almost bitter( but not harsh) to sweet scent with the camphor tones playing through the middle. I am sure the other components play some subtle parts in this but I do not know them and the mix is so well combined that it is hard to separate things out. I could feel my head clearing up when this is going and at the same time a certain inner clearing going on also, which, given the wormwood and Artemisia, makes sense.

Jasmine, juniper, sandalwood, cinnamon, and benzoin.
At first heat the jasmine and cinnamon immediately start to drift up. This is a very interesting combination that somehow works really well. Alchemy in action! Think jasmine with a kick. The woods seem fairly muted at first, while the benzoin adds a little sweetness as a base note. As the upper notes fade into the back round the woods and benzoin come more into play and stay for quite awhile lending a certain grounded quality to the overall mix. I find myself very attracted to this one, probably because the jasmine and cinnamon blend really works for me. This is great to scent a room with just for the upbeat ambiance it gives. Very nice.

These are available at many of the Incense Suppliers we have listed in the side bar to the left.

Enjoy and Happy heating…Ross



  1. Terra Renee said,

    December 18, 2015 at 5:13 am

    A note from me here…Neptune in particular is one of the most amazing rose blends I’ve ever had the honor to smell. It even beats out some of Mermade’s rose blends (just barely). It’s so strong that a very tiny ball will give off an amazing room-filling scent, and if burned down a hall way and a larger ball is used, it will fill the entire house. Great for giving the house an amazing scent, especially if you have double doggies and messy kids.

    The Sensuality is a very odd little critter. It’s hard to figure out whether the maker meant for it to be a sensual rose blend like Neptune or a forest-y blend like Jupiter. Combined, at first it doesn’t smell all that great. Leave it burning for about an hour and the scents finally meld together in a shockingly amazing incense blend. I never would have thought roses, musk, and cypress/fir would make such magic together.

    Jupiter is a forest blend that smells great overall, but has a bit of a camphor/mint-like smell at first. Haven’t had a chance to heat Earth and Saturn yet, but smelling them unheated is very interesting.

    These Nu Essence blends might not tempt your nose at first, and you might even think you wasted money, but just wait until one has started burning for awhile. The best notes come out after the first half-hour. It’s worth the way, trust me! Neptune is now my go-to rose scent. The musk and sandalwood blending with rose and benzoin just give it that amazing touch I haven’t seem elsewhere.

  2. Mike said,

    August 22, 2008 at 9:13 am

    A really great, diverse line of incenses here, I’m particularly very fond of the Pluto due to that bitter almond. They do an amazing Kyphi as well. Ross, I think you’ve inspired me to dig some of these others out.

    To add to the history here, Nu Essence is a line of incenses that appears to be inspired by the work of Aleister Crowley and previous hermetic magicians via the Golden Dawn. They cover not only planetary incenses but also have three that line up Crowley’s Egyptian-inspired trinity of Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor Kuit and a (very fine) version of the Abra-melin ritual incense. Like the attributions in Scott Cunningham’s Wicca-inspired books, the ingredients in the incenses here match up fairly well to those found in older grimoires (Agrippa comes to mind). In particular the jasmine in the Moon blend really reflects that subconscious, slightly dark, illusory and night-time lunar vibe.

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