A few notes…

I’m having a bit of trouble finding the time of late to take incense notes, so things may be a bit slow for a little while on my end. But I did want to bring to attention a company Ross has talked about in the past, Bosen Incense. Ross has talked about the company’s various aloeswood scents, most of which I haven’t had a chance to sample, but I have checked out a few of the company’s Tibetan style incenses. Bosen is from Taiwan, so in a way the incenses in this style are kind of like hybrids between southeast Asian aloeswood or sandalwood sticks you tend to find in the US “generically” here and there and Tibetan blends, and in a way are something of an original incense style. I like all the ones I’ve tried but the two that really stand out to me are the Herbal Meditation Incense, which you can find in a few different sizes, and the Pythoncidere blend. The Herbal Meditation blend is one of the line’s most inexpensive scents but it has something of an aloeswood tang to it and a number of ingredients that made it instantly addictive to my nose, it’s really well done and you can get quite a hefty batch for a decent price. The Pythoncidere is very special, one of the greenest incenses imaginable. It has a very strong cypress and evergreen content to it with the green, resinous qualities enhanced to a considerable degree. It’s very fresh and unique, and I hope they eventually sell it in bigger boxes. Bosen is sold via Amazon fulfillment, which means that for the most part your items often ship with anything else you might order from them, meaning any $25 order or more gets free shipping. So keep these reviews in mind next time you’re hunting through the Amazon catalog, as Bosen should be better known…



  1. Mike said,

    April 21, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    I just tried the Blessing and Zambhala blends and those are extremely nice too. Blessing has a ton of spikenard in it, enough to just barely given it that caramelly sweetness it so often has in Japanese incense. However, I must say that the base blend, which slightly varies in a 40-50% combo of the binder wood, sandalwood and aloeswood tends to impart a similar basic smell to all of the scents. They do differ on the top scent though, enough variation so they’re not completely redundant. I’ve only tried the Kinam you sent which definitely has strong resinous hints, in the blend incenses the aloeswood is enough to be noticeable as a whole, but it doesn’t ever quite reach resin level wood. But it’s more than the note it is in most Tibetans. I’m really loving them all, they all have a vibrant freshness to them.

  2. Ross Urrere said,

    April 21, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Bosen has some very good sticks. I find it interesting that they are showcasing Aloes to a big degree where a number of other companies seem to be cutting back or r”eformulating” so as to use less. Plus their prices seem fair.

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