Newly Imported Incenses and more (updated)

Essence of the Ages has expanded their Indian incense stock in a near intimidating fashion. First of all, the expected Shroff Channabasappa new stock and restock is now in the house. This includes 24 incenses new to these shores and includes a half dozen wet masalas. Also completely new are stock by two Indian incense companies distributed through Britain, Pure-incense (about 3 dozen new scents all at connoisseur prices) and Purelands/Bhakti Yoga (6 scents), as well as the Maroma company who have what looks like 40-50 new blends. That adds up to well over 100 new incenses!

There are also quite a few new Tibetans in stock including a number of new Bhutanese incenses from last month’s e-mail-out, incenses from Shechen, Kuenzang Chodtin, Buddha Dhoop Udhyog, World Peace, Zambala and Dzogchen. You could almost create a new shop with these two updates alone, and suffice it to say we at ORS are happy to hear about tips on any new scents while preparing what we can for the review queue.

More news from Ross here… Kohshi in San Francisco is about to release incenses from two of the best in Japan, Yamadamatsu and Seijudo. Both of these companies are large and have a real depth of products, much of it at the very top of the incense world. We are talking beautiful Kyaras, Aloewoods and Sandalwoods here. I have gotten to sample some of it and I can tell you that it is superb. Might give the Shoyeido Premiums a run for the money 🙂 … I’ll add that I completely agree with Ross on these, some of these will compete with your favorites.
Stay tuned.

Coming up in the next several weeks or so the initial salvo in a long multi-part series on Fred Soll’s incense line, a few more Shrinivas Sugandhalaya/Satya Baba scents, three Tibetans from Boudha, two large coils from Baieido, 7 scents from Primo, 6 from Nandi, lots more from Shroff and probably my next write up, 6 roll incenses from Mandala Arts.



  1. Hamid said,

    June 6, 2009 at 8:39 am

    I too have ordered a whole swathe of the new Shroffs. There are going to be a lot of busy noses around……

    Pure-Incense as Rob says are very different, and quite excellent in their own way. I particularly like the Sandalwoods and the Roses, the Connoisseur Rose is extraordinary. An unlit stick will scent a large room beautifully and with no hint of synthetics.
    Purelands is also superb. For me the standout is Rasa Leela. Rich warm and honey like. There is a very popular border plant here in the UK called Allysum. Rasa Leela reminds me a lot of its scent.

  2. Mike said,

    June 3, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    That’s about right on the Primos. It was definitely one of the go to brands when I was a teenager, before I remember even seeing Nag Champa or anything like that. They’re actually somewhat generic in retrospect but they do have a slight nostalgic pull. I’m just hoping I’ll be able to tell them apart, there were always about 4 or 5 that were too close to call.

  3. Rob M. said,

    June 3, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    You are going to be one busy fellow for the next while! I ordered a lot of the new Shroff Channabasappa and will be eagerly awaiting their arrival (as well as your reviews). I hope that you like the Pure-Incense; it seems to me of equal quality to the Shroff but in an entirely different mode. The Shroffs are very traditional and natural smelling with a very small amount of oil being used; the Pure have a much greater dependency of oils – luckily they are of good quality. I haven’t smelled the Primo for many, many years. When all one could get was Gonesh or Spiritual Sky, Primo was a far, far superior product. Mind you, that is over thirty years ago so my memories may be faulty!

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