Update on Yamadamatsu and Seijudo incense

Just a brief note here. For the moment, the Yamandamatsu products will only be avaiable at Kohshi’s San Francisco store and not via the internet. The Seijudo sticks are at both the Japan Incense website as well as the Kohshi store in San Francisco’s Japan Town. I understand that the Seijudo is selling quite briskly, which makes sense as these are easily some of the best kyara and aloeswoods I have ever gotten to smell.  Look for a review on them later this week.




  1. Ross Urrere said,

    October 23, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Hello Greg
    If you call Kohshi you can order direct from them. I was in there last week andn they have a great selection.

  2. greg said,

    October 23, 2010 at 11:20 am

    hello Ross, could you tell me why the yamadamatsu is offered only at the Kohshi store and not internet? i love this maker – as well as the more obscure craftsman hand-mades that one can only buy through an intermediary. believe me, there is a world of incense out there that most Americans will never experience – how sad. it’s probably true that one needs to speak and write Japanese to really ferret some of the really ‘mezurashi mono’- thanks.

    • Misa Yamamoto said,

      October 12, 2011 at 10:23 am

      I kind of knew this blog but never commented, and just made my first comment earlier. So sorry if I am being impolite.

      My company is able to send almost all incenses. We are not an incense company, mainly workers disptching, translations, consulting, buying things on ebay for Japanese who are not fluent in English etc We do imports for Japanes who are really into brand things as you may know.
      My friend and I started teh Fragrance Department, and we know companies and have contracts with them that are not much known to the west.
      I wish many people could know and have a wider choice.
      I personally like the traditional scents, so sandalwodd and jinkoh and Chinese and Japanese medicine ingredients as you surely know.
      I love Yamadamatsu,they are especially good with Rohzan byakudan(Mysore sandalwood).

      I used to buy Shoheidoh coils of Horin Series but I tried Yamadasan’s and I love Shigei, HGitsubo, Shoyoh etc. They have a simple set of sandalwood, jinkoh and kyara in a nice paulonia box sold as room incense as opposed to osenkoh or ritual incense. This set is very similar to Midorien’s simple honest fragrances.

      I have coils 12 hours and 8 hours type made by a company manily for temples, but theya are made at Minorien’s factory. The price is what I call quality type, but they are worth it.

      The Holy Mountain Incense is daily type but very natural since their father company is an Eastern medicine pharamaceutical company so they have great natural ingredients. They were very cheap or too cheap for the quality but raised since this month. Their aromatic mixtures are great and I use theirs or Yamadasan ‘s and sometimes Midorien san.

      I don’t have much peopel to talk about these traditionalscents since most Japanese are into newer scents so it is nice to know this blog.

      We plan a little spiritual shop just out of hobby with candles, ritual goods and good traditional incenses and also wood balsam essential oils of Japan such as Kohyamaki. If you like cedar, you will like it.

      Did you know that Yamadasan and our side have kits to make your own fragrance sachets? also nerikoh(kneaded incense and usual incense). The higer grade of aromatic wood mixtures of Yamadamatsu and Osagawasan and Minorien do not use rairin extra mixtures so it is pure natural and good to keep bugs away also. It can be use as sachets in teh closets.

      I would really let people know of these great natural mixtures and also zukoh (powder body incens) because they mostly are all natural, and zukoh does not use animal based things due to Buddhism.

      I am 40 and live in Kawasaki Japan.
      Nice to know you all.

      I am on facebook as Misa Yamamoto 40 Kanagawa Japan, but do not often write. I will try better.
      Twitter is kyarayuhgen.

      The below address is company,
      my mobile is subaddress

      Wishing you blessings of the gods and Buddha’s blessings.

      Misa Yamamoto
      Kinam Kikaku Fragrance Adviser and Translator.

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