New from Mermade Magickal, Part 1: Deep Earth Premium, Habbi and Dreaming Lotus (from Ross)

Mermade had come out with a wealth of new scents in the last week or two, so I am dividing it up a bit.

As people continue in their art  they become more sophisticated and refined. The power is right there but, at the same time,  the delivery becomes much more skillful.  In using these over the last week or so the word that keep coming up for me was “refined”. These have an almost Japanese sense of being to them, not because they smell like Japanese incense, but because of the sophistication in the use of the materials and techniques to make them. Not to mention the amount of time spent in the creative process, they are very carefully thought out and presented.

Deep Earth Premium: This takes an old Mermade favorite and refines it into a very lush updated Kyphi version. Soft resin or Kyphi style incense are traditionally ages for many months causing the ingredients to conjoin in a sort of aromatic harmony. It has all the resiny wonderfulness you expect, with a woody background and a play of spices that seem to come and go as the heating process continues. At a low temperature each piece produces scent for quite awhile and the scent strength tends to stay pretty constant until it simple fades away. If you are a Deep Earth fan you will love this, it is very much about taking it up to the next level.

Habibi, which means “beloved one” is a Bakhoor style blend, it is also a lot more refined then any other Bakhoor I have gotten to sample. Bakhoor can be overwhelmingly potent, this is not the case here. This particular blend has a great trick of filling a room with a really delicate rose and Aloeswood and Frankincense perfume that never overpowers, yet has just enough presence to make one take notice. It sort of reminds me of Aphrodesia without the smoke, there are the same rich scents of roses and resins plus the addition of a very good Aloeswood for aromatic lift and staying power. Quite beautiful.

Dreaming Lotus: This flat cone style incense is designed to help one relax and also promote a vivid dream space. I can tell you from personal experience that it does both, it also has a great smell. The almost watery scent of the Blue Lotus is very apparent as are the resins and I can detect the Labdanum and Galbanum. The other ingredients ( there are quite a lot) I am not familiar with but can tell that there are many different levels at work here… The overall quality of the scent is a deep yet clean resin with floral and herb notes. It is a very pleasant, not “new age healing healthy smell”, scented incense that actually works as intended. It comes with three cones for the price and is fast become a night time favorite for me.

By the way, if you like Mermades “Pans Earth” incense, they also have a perfume that is very much like the incense.  Its very nice, in a Panish way 😉



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