Way of Incense 101~ Incense Appreciation (Ross)

This is coming up very soon but there are two opportunities to attend. I went to the last one in San Francisco and had a great time as well as getting to sample some really nice Aloewoods. There is one in SF and another on the  Oakland/Berkeley borderline.

The speaker, Kihachiro Nishiura, is a wonderful presenter who is really into the traditions of Japan and loves to teach others. He keeps it entertaining and easy to understand. Given how formal and complex a koh event could be this is a very good thing!

You will need to confirm your seat via the email address below.

Way of Incense 101~ Incense Appreciation~

Historically, fragrance first had an important impact upon Japanese culture as part of religious ceremonies. But inaddition to just the visual and fragrant impact ofincense,”listening” to incense with the entire body andmind added color to everyday life, providing a new expression of beauty and feeling. Over the centuries, theuse and importance of incense has evolved, becoming part of art, meditation, and self-awareness. Learn about the history of Incense and Fragrance in Japan and how to “listen” with your spirt, opening the door to a world of beauty.

Day and Time: Friday, November 13th, 7 to 8:30 pm

Location: New People building 1746 Post St.,

San Francisco

Participation: $20

Day and Time: Saturday, Nov. 14th,5pm to 6:30 pm

Location: Ko-Jin-An 6140 B  Chabot Road,

Oakland, CA 94618

Participation: $20

To Apply: contact Nozaki at(nishiurastyleusa@yahoo.co.jp.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 11th

Profile of Kihachiro Nishiura,

Born in 1970.  Earned a Masters(Bs Degree in Geophysics from Ohio University.  Owner of Nishiura Ryokusuid; antique dealership in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.  Descendant of Nishiura Enji, founder of the Nishiura-yaki school of ceramics, which was highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad in the Meiji and Taisho periods (1868-1912; 1912-1926) for its outstanding technique and artistry. Steeped in traditional Japanese culture from his early childhood, Kihachiro expresses the world of Japanese culture and arts in his own unique style based upon the ancient philosophy of eki, central to which is the inevitability of change.  His  Nishiura Styleexhibitions of incense, floral arrangements, calligraphy, and other art forms have been enthusiastically received in Japan and the United States.

Please visit the NISHIURA STYLE home page at http://www.nishiura-style.com


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