In the next couple months…

I’ll be rolling out reviews and notes on:

  • Sampler Notes on Ancient Forest (rolling this one out today or tomorrow), Nippon Kodo, Sorig, Lhundup, Maroma and others.
  • The final installment of Nikhil’s flavored champa line up (Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla)
  • Various Nag Champas from Goloka, Nitiraj, R-Expo, Raj Laxmi, Shantimalai, and a couple others
  • Various Flora incenses including Sai Flora, Sai Deep, Sai Leela, two from Anand and Darshan Flora
  • several more installments in the Primo series (Night Queen, Patchouli, Ruh Khus, Sandalwood, Spice and Yellow Rose in the next one)
  • several more installment in the Fred Soll series (mostly the patchouli blends up next)
  • cones and ropes from Triloka
  • Stupa’s Buddha sampler set
  • continuing installments in the Shroff Channabasappa line up (next up 5 more dry masalas)
  • Puspa Green Mogra/Parekh Great Himalaya/Mysore Gateway to India
  • Lots of Pure-Incense Absolutes
  • and a unique Top 20 coming from Ross and I next month

…taking us a ways into 2010. I’ll be breaking from reviewing the last half of December during the holidays (not to mention Thanksgiving weekend coming up) but will still be taking out time note taking and sampling when I can.


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