Mermade Magickal Goddess Hymn & Moon Goddess (-Ross)

Both of these are for charcoal or electric heaters

Goddess Hymn, which has some large bricks mixed in with a loose incense mixture has a very nice combination of resins and woods with a slight rose scent that sort of hovers in the background. If you only heat up the bricks you are presented with a distinct Labdanum scent, along with vanilla notes that is wonderfully deep and mysterious. When the loose mixture is added in the rose notes come into play as well as quality Sandalwood. The rose notes seem subtle, yet are also of a very high quality. A nice combination of scents and one that can be used to get three different scents.

Moon Goddess, which has Orris (Iris) root and Jasmine as well as Frankincense and Sandalwood is a lighter scented incense then the Goddess Hymn. The Orris and Jasmine combination really stand out to produce a very elegant floral note that rides across the resins and woods. Orris is not a very common note in incense, mostly because real live Orris root is expensive and not easy to work with. There is an almost formal or ritual feel to this one, something for the special occasion or ceremony.

As seems to always be the case the quality of the ingredients that go into these blends is very good. This is one of the few companies that I believe when they say “natural ingredients”.



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