Coming in early 2010…

Got a lot of notetaking done while I was gone, so finally have a backlog of reviews to throw down over the next few weeks or so. This week, I hope to finish up a couple more batches of the new Shroffs, including the rest of the Natural line (the woody ones) and the two Wet Masalas. I’ll also be finishing up the five Dry Masalas from the last batch before tackling the 14 Base Masalas in two parts.

Also up soon are the rest of the Primos in two groups. I’ll also be covering a few of the Shoyeido Genji scents we’ve missed so far, including one I think is very special the Yamazoto, a really unique and exotic floral (also Hanachiro-sato, Kikoushi and Ukifune). Group 3 of the Fred Solls, mostly the patchouli blends. Three miscellaneous Indian charcoals. Sampler Notes on the Tun Bo series. And I’m almost ready with the next group of Pure Incenses including the Champas and Vrindavan incenses in the Absolute line, as well as the Magnolia, a really great group of accessible floral scents.

After these, likely up is the Stupa Buddha collection of five Tibetan incenses. A series of Flora and Fluxo incenses from various companies. The 4th in the Fred Soll series including Fresh Peach, Happy Hemp, Joyous Rose, Lovely Lavender, Moonlight Jasmine and Taos Pine. New installments in the never ending Mystic Temple and Incense from India series. And then more from Triloka (cones and ropes), 4 from Shechen, the four aloeswoods from Baieido; three more granulated blends, two In-Koh pressed scents, and three kneaded incenses from Shoyeido, the beginning of a long series of Nitiraj and Atmosphere incenses (something like a billion champas in these), a few parts of the Krishna line and more from Pure Incense and Fred Soll.

And in the midst of all this, hopefully we’ll get up one or two new basic introductory documents up.


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