Fred Solls Classic Vanilla, Fresh Peaches, Sacred Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, White Sage & Dragons Blood, & Lemon Grass (Ross)

For the reviews on the Fred Soll’s line already done you can check the listings on the left side of this page. These are very well done incenses at a great price. I love the picture of Fred with Billy E Gibbons on the home page, I find it hard to imagine, say, the head of a major Japanese incense company in a similar shot. 🙂

Classic Vanilla: This is about as strong a vanilla note as I can imagine, there is a slight creaminess to it but overall it is pretty much a full on vanilla scent, somewhat singular in its delivery. I have some of the Nag Champa with Amber & Vanilla sticks on hand which I find to be a more attractive mix just because there seems to be much more going on. However, if you are a vanilla fan this might be right up your ally.

Fresh Peaches: When you pull this out of the package it really does smell like a peach and even when lit the Peach scent note hangs in there over the smoke and even over the base note of the burning stick.. It is pretty sweet and very strong but at the same time a true Peach scent, one which seems to have a very long hang time. It also does not smell artificial to me, something I was not expecting. I have no idea as to how Solls managed to create this scent and make it so true to life but in its own way it is a work of art. I would think that the people who like his Strawberry line will also like this.

Sacred Myrrh: When I think of Myrrh I generally think of something that has a somewhat bitter and very grounded quality to it. It is, I believe, one of the resins associated with the Egyptian god Set, who is not well known for any warm and fuzzy qualities. This particular stick on the other had is very, very sweet with a very faint almost bubble gum note in the background. To me, it is hard to find the Myrrh scent within the sweet notes. Of all the Fred Solls scents I have tried this seems to be the oddest one. Not at all what I was expecting or hoping for, which could be why it did not do it for me.

Dragon’s Blood: I find this quite wonderful; deep, sultry, penetrating, with a slight bitter edge to it. All this drifts over a slightly(very slight) sweet base note that in many ways seems to be the signature scent of the entire line. This is a real winner for those of you who enjoy heavy resin blends. There are some similarities between this and , say, some of the Copal’s but I think that that is just how it is going to be in this neck of the resin world. Not to be missed if you are a Solls fan or you like big resins. This pretty much humbles any other resin blend on a stick.

White Sage & Dragons Blood: The addition of Sage really changes the scent characteristics of this blend from the Dragons Blood above. This feels like a much more energetic and vibrant offering, which, given its description at the home site “Here we have created the ultimate protection combination..” makes sense. This is a strong, very penetrating scent, not harsh or overbearing but you know it’s there. I personally find it refreshing and it seems to have a certain “bright” lift to it. Excellent for cleansing the atmosphere on a spiritual or physical level.

Lemon Grass: This was quite a surprise to me. It has a distinct citrus/lemony scent when unlit, the surprise is that it follows through when lit. Somehow, I have never put the combination of incense and citrus or lemon together in my head. Somehow this does just that. It really works well and is a great room scent rather then say, a meditative incense. Of course your personal preferences may be completely different. I think this would be great on a Summer or Spring afternoon. It has a very lifting and upbeat quality to it. Probably not for everyone but so unique that it is well worth trying.

Bunch more from Fred Soll’s coming soon, enjoy!



  1. Josh said,

    September 11, 2014 at 11:55 am

    The White Sage and Dragon’s blood is phenomenal – very unique smell – this feels to me like “crown chakra” incense – higher vibrational mind-cleaning and mind-altering type scent..

  2. Ross urrere said,

    February 3, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    Hey Alex
    It almost sounds like two differnt incenses or possibly a formula change? I have not yet smelled a sweet pure myrrh only resin, whicjh is why I found this one so odd, believe me, I wanted it to work! In fact i have decided to “build my own” since I make some incense at home…onward to the workshop 🙂

  3. Janet said,

    February 3, 2010 at 11:21 am

    I actually chose some of the exact same words you did when I made some notes on the White Sage/Dragon’s Blood – it’s a fantastic combination, very piercing and vibrant.
    The Myrrh is my least favorite Fred Soll of the ones I’ve tried, hands down. I’m not a huge myrrh fan anyway, but….it’s just funky.

  4. Mike said,

    February 3, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Ross as we’ve discussed I think I agree with you to the letter on this group. The Fresh Peaches really is a marvel, one of the few fruit incenses out there that doesn’t make you feel they missed part of the experience. And the Lemon Grass really hits the spot, it’s not too intense or overbearing like many lemon grass/citronella incenses can be (that is it should just drive off the mosquitos, not the people :)) And I definitely think they missed the boat on the myrrh, I’ve been unable to pick up a legit myrrh scent in any stick I’ve tried to date. But then again myrrh can differ pretty wildly.

  5. Alex said,

    February 3, 2010 at 7:30 am

    Ross, I was surprised to read your review of Sacred Myrrh! While the Fred Soll stick is my first experience with strictly myrrh, I found mine to be pretty bitter with a spicy kick. Though I did also pick up some sweetness, I found it to be secondary to the spiciness/bitterness.
    I wonder if this is a result of variations in the sticks or just because I’ve never smelled myrrh in pure-resin form and therefore haven’t experienced the full effect?

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