Gyokushodo: Seidaiko, Buntoku (Ross)

You can see the first two sections about this entire grouping here and here.

Seidaiko:  This is listed as using Vietnam Aloeswood. It is  somewhat spicy, yet with some sweet, almost musky undertones. I am thinking that this maybe caused by the Reiryo koh (also listed as an ingredient) and perhaps some benzoin resin. Nice woody notes in this one, not super strong but nicely done. Much more distinct then the Buntoku.

Buntoku:  An Aloeswood blend with some Sandalwood and also with Spikenard listed in the ingredients. There is a bit of sweetness mixed in with the woods, faint, but there. The scent seems to sort of balance on that knife edge between the Aloeswoods and Sandalwoods, neither quite making a solid appearance nor playing a leading role  I find this one to be the least satisfying of the line. Not that it’s bad, it’s just not a standout like most of their other products tend to be.

Keiunko is also listed in this grouping, it has also be around longer then the others and you can see Mikes review of it here.

All in all, these incense from Gyokushodo are quite good, some of them are truly outstanding and reflect a very well established and knowledgeable company with a lot of expertise in incense. My own feelings as to what to get would probably be that the prices tell the story, or, you get what you pay for. Given the prices and availability of materials that the incense makers are dealing with right now this makes sense.  -Ross

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  1. Mike said,

    June 25, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Seidaiko has to be the first stick of any incense for me to be able to pick it up, it’s extremely mellow and doesn’t cut through at all. I love spikenard so Buntoku’s pretty good by me, especially for the price.

    I’d also add there’s a couple more Gyokushodo single reviews in there, which can be found by clicking on the left (Yozei and Yomei). It really is good to see this line better represented now.

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