Mystery of Musk Reviews Pt3: Tallulah B2, Drifting Sparks, Dionysus

Tallulah B2 from A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes: As soon as this goes on there is a somewhat sharp but nice citrus blast backed up with Rosewood, which tends to hang in there a bit longer then the citruses. It also severs as a bridge into the vanilla/ambery notes in the base. The middle is a very light floral. Under it all there is a musk note that seems to act as the foundation for all the rest, rather like they all rise up out of it to present their parts in the dance. As it moves towards the dry down stage  one gets really elegant amber, vanilla notes with what I think are some of the roses mixed in. This reminds me quite a lot of a room where I burn a lot of incense and have my collection of EO’s and such as well as perfumes I am working on. Someone walked in there recently, after the room had been empty for the day and was amazed at the complexity and depth of the scents that were still there.  She asked what it was and I “somewhat” flippantly said “Oh, about 10,000 sticks of incense”. This perfume is like that, depth and complexity with the end notes  etheric and a bringer of pleasant memories. This is a light scent (at least to me) and goes through its changes quickly, it would be very interesting in an atomizer with a number of sprays.

Drifting Sparks from Artermisia Perfumes starts off with a strong alcohol note and then immediately transitions into a tremendously fine floral, almost Lilac like note that becomes a Rose and Jasmine hued wonder. From there the musk notes come in, way in the background . More of a woman’s musk then an animal note. I get the feeling that it is a very personal scent, one leading to close intimacy rather then being vampish. I also notice that this one really plays to skin chemistry, even to the point of smelling different from the morning to applying late at night. In the morning I noticed the base notes, the woods and Black Current and also how the Ambergris can lift all the others up. The sillage is not strong, but again, I find Drifting Sparks more for the close and personal experience rather then the whole room.

Dionysus from Lord’s Jester: The name really fits the scent of this creation. Dionysus was, and may still be, the god of ritual madness, joyful worship, and ecstasy. What’s not to like 🙂  Wine plays a big part in his image, which the opening notes of this perfume have, there is also a certain almost effervescent quality to it, which is pretty unique. It seems to move from there into a middle phase where I think the Jonquil (which I have only sampled once at Mandy Aftel’s) plays a big part and then it’s on to the base notes.. The Ambergris and African Stone produce a really grounded and anchored scent to me, one I find surprisingly pleasing, it’s not pretty but it is like having something very strong to hold onto. This perfume is named after a god and like any god it demands that it be noticed. It is very different from all the others and I would consider it more on the “male” side. After trying this I have decided I need to order Adams sample set.

There are still many reviews coming in from the different sites, this many perfumes does take awhile to do justice to. Be sure to check out the other blogs involved.

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