Tibetan Yak

In the wake of a number of questions about animal sourced ingredients in the Ask Olfactory Rescue Service thread, it felt like a good time to introduce the site to the anonymously sourced incense called Tibetan Yak. As someone not intimately familiar with the scent of yaks, wet or dry, it’s very difficult to say how close this incense gets to its namesake, although given the aroma’s similarity to many other red-colored, juniper heavy, tangy Tibetan incenses, I’m now wondering if some part of a yak is not a key secret ingredient we’re not aware of. However, extrapolating to some extent, the lack of damp fur smell makes me doubt that this particular animal product is a part of the bouquet. The lack of information on the box also continues the mystery, we’re just confronted with some patterning and two pictures of a white headed, black furred beast of burden. This serene animal reminds me that this is a bit of a rough incense, a touch gravelly, with the usual wild herbs mixed in. Tibetan Yak may not bring the scent of a handful of yak fur over a bed of coals but it isn’t far off from your average campfire and as such is pretty much your average Nepali blend.


  1. Hamid said,

    October 22, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Any truth to the rumour that the same anonymous company are planning a companion stick called Tibetan Dzo Mike ? Apparently it will look identical but will have a more feminine scent ?.

    • Mike said,

      October 24, 2010 at 2:34 am

      😀 Yeah I think it’s the beginning of an “Animals of the Himalayans” series.

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