May 2011 Top Ten

This month has been an interesting olfactory adventure (of a sort) as I have had a head cold, sinus something, etc for the last three weeks. So smoke did not work all that well for much of the month. So I pulled out my assortment of trusty incense heaters, resins, wood chips, essential oils and absolutes plus assorted loose incense mixtures and cut loose. The sticks that are listed were towards the start of the month.

Kyukyodo Sho ran Koh: One of the great deals in incense, not inexpensive, but worth the cost. It’s a huge bundle and the scent is wonderful. It’s made many a Top Ten with good reason. To a degree it reminds me of some of the really good Indian incense where the floral notes, resins and perfume all combine and compliment the (in this case) aloeswood.  Kyukyodo are tough to get now days, check with Japan Incense/Kohshi for whats in stock. There might be a new shipment coming in soon, with…new stuff!…quick, prepare the credit card for damage control 🙂

Baieido Koh Shi Boku: I am almost out of my bundle of this and I just noticed that the price has gone up, reflecting the major price increases that the incense makers are having to pay to get the raw materials, plus the yen to dollar ratio. Regardless of all that I really love this, it has loads of subtle nuances of scent going on, all aimed at highlighting the shear beauty of the wood.

Daihatsu Sandalwood Chip: Probably the best sandalwood you can get in the US. Sometimes you can also find it in what is called “leaf cut” or very thing slabs. On the heater the scent is a that wonderful creamy sandalwood with an almost cinnamon top note. Not to be missed, but you will get spoiled.

Shunkohdo Houshou: This aloeswood blend has a great, light chocolate top note to it, which, in combination with the woods is a wonderful and very elegant mix, not to mention, olfactory treat. It’s also at a pretty good price, at around $20 for a roll.

Yamada Matsu Sandalwood: Kohshi has these (unless I wiped them out). They are essentially pure or almost pure, sandalwood in short, thick, sticks. They are amazing! They come in a small wood box and would make a very nice present. If you crave sandalwood, without all the extras, check these out.

Minorien Sandalwood Loose Blend: A very nice loose blend, good for the heater or straight onto a coal. The sandalwood stands out and the spice mix that rounds out the blend has some great notes to add.

Mermade Magickal Incense Amulets: These are small cake like disks, with a design pressed into them. They are woody with a very “Eastern/Oriental” somewhat sweet note that rides across the top. There is a very comfortable feel to these, just the thing for late nights. They are made with very high quality ingredients, as is the case with all of Mermades offering.

Mermade Magickal Hougary Superior Frankincense: Frankincense is one of those scents that work for me almost always. These are a very good grade with that subtle citrus scent that only shows up in the best Frankincense. Unless you need to buy kilos this is a great way to go.

Sensory Essence ROSE DAMASCENA – Organic: I used a lot of this during the last few weeks. I would gently heat it on my Aroma Stone heater, put a drop or two onto some sandalwood chips on the incense heater (instant Attar !) or go whole hog and dab a drop on my nose, because I am a card carrying member of  The Excessive Aromatic Users! This is the best Rose Otto I have found so far (Thanks Marian). Rose Otto is pricy but it packs a punch and this one is beyond beautiful. She also carries a White Rose that is also glorious.

Shroff Channabasappa Little Woods: I ended up putting this one on the heater as the smoke was a bit much. It is different but then again it’s like getting two incenses in the same stick. I plane on trying this with many of the Indian incenses I have. I think the floral’s maybe a bit restrained on the heater, which for me is OK as the resins/wood come out more.


  1. Lars Olav said,

    June 24, 2011 at 5:12 am

    The Hougary superior from Mermade is great, yes.
    I would highly recommend the Maydi frankincense from Mermade.
    It’s, for me, the best frank ever.
    More balsamic, piney and fresh.
    Buy now, you wont regret it!

  2. Carrie said,

    June 11, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I completely forgot to order Chypre and Jungle Prince in my last order. Oh well, it’s an excuse for yet another order!!

    I ‘got’ Little Woods right away, even though I couldn’t tell you in a 100 years what I am smelling. lol Whatever it is, it’s wonderful. However, since I quit smoking I can no longer burn a whole stick in one sitting, I need to put it out halfway through and save it for later.

  3. glennjf said,

    June 11, 2011 at 6:24 am

    I reached back into the Shroff reviews and have ordered a few reviewed some time ago.
    from what I’ve received I’m very much drawn in by Jungle Prince, swooning when sniffing the unlit sticks, burning one makes me mellow out instantly.
    The Little woods I’m also enjoying though I know I’ll need to burn more sticks to really get what it’s offering, the scent is completely new to me, I’m not “there” yet but I sense I’m not far off.
    Amber Rose I like a real lot, seems I’ve developed a bit of a hankering for things amber, I happily thank the Dhuni folks for that 🙂

    Soon now I’ll be having my first experience of Shroff’s Chypre, Musk Flora, Darshan, Kasturi, Night Queen, Bakhoor and Pearl, made possible thanks to the reviews here and to Beth for stocking them. 🙂

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