Kunmeido / Gokuhin Daikunkoh

We’ve covered quite a few Kunmeido incenses in the past and have probably discussed this temple length “every day” stick in the past, because it’s a high quality, fairly notable work in a style that’s usually dull as ditchwater. Kunmeido, of course, are quite well known for using fenugreek as a spice in their incenses, which gives incenses like Reiryo Koh and Unkun Koh signature aromas. With the thick and long Gokuhin Daikunkoh, you get a something of a variation on Reiryo Koh. This is a firey, spicy sandalwood blend, so spiced with herbs even calling it a sandalwood doesn’t seem quite right, it’s entirely defined by that sharp note in the spices. Overall this feels quite a bit more deluxe than the usual “daikunkoh,” it’s perhaps most similar to Baieido’s large aloeswood coil, but not quite as refined. If you love the other Kunmeidos, don’t forget this one.



  1. Mike said,

    July 26, 2011 at 10:03 am

    Hi Ted, East/West Temple are both very nice and Joyoko’s quite good too. Have not tried Shiba. Encens du Monde have some great temple sticks but due to the mark up they’re very expensive. I’ve tried all four of them in short sticks, but only the Golden Waves in temple but it’s very nice. I like Evening Zen from Shoyeido which isn’t marketed as a temple but has the same sort of thickness and length. I like Baieido’s large aloeswood coils as well.

  2. Ted said,

    July 26, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Thanks for the update Mike. I’ve been thinking about picking up some longer burning incense, and there is not a lot of info. on temple sticks. I love Reiryo Koh and Shoryu Koh, so I have I feeling I’ll like this too. I’m going to have to bump this up to the top of my list.

    This is a well timed review for me, as temple sticks are going to be in my next order. I was thinking of picking up East/West Temple and maybe Jokoyo Temple. Japan Incense has a Shiba Temple. Have you tried that one? Is there any other temple-style you would recommend?

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