A few admin notes

Reviews have been a little thin of late, I’m afraid I have a lot of balls up in the air at the moment. This is sort of an unusual situation, because I have notes written up for a couple dozen reviews but I’ve not been able to get the conditions needed to get them typed up. What this means is that until I get these typed up, I won’t be looking at requests for reviews outside of what I get sent samples of. If things seem so slow that you want to try your hand at reviewing incenses, contact me at the e-mail on the About page and we’ll discuss.

I do want to also mention that I become more and more pleased with the latest batch of Shroff semi-dry masalas (the loner dry, Holy, is worth skipping). I still don’t know if I could even remotely describe most of them as they all have very subtle and individual personalities, but I think this is the first time I’ve been excited about a batch rather than individual incenses. I think part of this is they seem very high quality, while I don’t think there’s real musk in these, whatever they’re using is about as close to the real thing as I’ve tried. It’s really a cool line.


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