Kyukyodo Incense for Sale

I still have the following Kyukyodo incenses for sale, please write me at sigil23 at sign if you’re interested in any of the following. Supplies are extremely limited and will discuss postage and insurance by e-mail only during the evenings. Please check the Kyukyodo catalog page to the left for what descriptions there are for these…

50 sticks of Mizuho (Rose), 50 sticks of Hikari (Jasmine), 50 sticks of Mayumi (Violet), 75 sticks of Hakubaikoh (sandalwood), and 75 sticks of Zuifu (sandalwood/aloeswood mix). $65 for each set of five plastic tubes (I have 2 of these sets)

I have 3 rolls of the aloeswood incense Unkoh in the original roll for $60 a roll. All 3 rolls with the original box for $150 (box originally held 5).

I have 1 box of Umegaka 75g $60


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