myInsens is a new Indian incense company in the US, providing six new traditional scents in modern packaging. Reviews will follow next week, but I wanted to announce for a couple of reasons, first, these are very good incenses, with at least one or two that are notable, such as the extraordinary floral MySensuality. Second, the incenses come in a very well thought out box, which hinges open to include the incense and a burner, making this an excellent and reusable item for travel. myInsens look to be around for a while with several other aromas in the works, and based on these it looks like they’re off to a really good start.


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  1. Lin said,

    February 1, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Based on the review here, we bought the line of MyInsens products. I have only used two so far and am really happy with the purchase. The first one we used was My Sensuality/Raspberry. I’d say it was definitely original and very pleasing. About an hour after the stick had finished burning, I thought that I would try one of the different ones, but the room still had such a pleasant fragrance, I did not want to disturb it.

    This morning, we tried My Serenity/Vanilla (I did the Raspberry and Vanilla first because I was the most doubtful about those two). Although I could sense vanilla, I felt it was subtle and not the dominant tone. Maybe it was the halmaddi, but it reminded me of the early Srinavas Nag Champa background. So far I have enjoyed both and wanted to pass this on in case others are looking for something new and surprising.

    By the way, to save money we bought the refill pacls. We did get one of the gift boxes though too see what it was like. I have got to say that this is a great presentation. It even has a long incense burner/ash catcher that stores inside. Thanks

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