A few things…

I’m finally getting around to reviewing some of the new Mothers Champa incenses, I’ve got three finished and am working on another three, so these will be out probably by next week at the latest. There are 12 total so I haven’t received the other batch yet, but I have to give cheers to the company for always sending plenty of goodies. A lot of the new Mother’s tend to a soft, pink and floral side, which they haven’t touched on much until now. So far I’m pretty happy with the Chakra Nagchampa which is the only one I’ve noticed so far that isn’t in the pink and floral group.

I’m also hoping to roll out long awaited reviews on a really great group of Shroff durbars, Apsara, Exotic Petals, Orange Blossom etc. These are ALL amazing, in fact I’m on my second box of every single one, including a new pick up Silver Bouquet (my favorite by a split hair is probably the Sugandha Mantri). Let’s just say I’m debating adding every single one to the Hall of Fame list, which needs a serious upgrade in its own right. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the group of Shroffs with Jungle Prince, Pearl etc have mostly gone recipe changes (some talk over how different the Jungle Prince is have shown up in comments). Pearl’s definitely a little different but still great. Little Woods has also gotten something of a change, but maybe even in the slightly better direction, it’s not quite as perfumed and a bit more subtle. Darshan struck me as exactly the same, so not everything has changed.

And speaking of change, I tried a sample of the new forumulation of Tibetan Medical College’s Holy Land. It has indeed taken a hit, but from the scent I’d guess they’re making the good stuff go longer, as this could almost be the B grade in between the original and Nectar. Anyway those who have old stock should hold onto it, as like Highland, the original is definitely gone. However the change isn’t quite as dramatic. But it does seem like most of the very special Tibetan incenses are disappearing along with their ingredients.

Anyway do feel free to use this thread to share ingredient changes on incenses over the last few years. Any bit of help will assist me to redo the Hall of Fame pages and get them current. Particularly curious about Shroff Moonlight.