Kohshi in GQ magazine

Kohshi(Japan Incense) is listed in this months GQ magazine as ” best 25 stores around the world”.

Very cool and well deserved and a major plus for the incense community. I figure Jay and Kotaro are responsable for inceasing the awarness of the differnt incense available from Japan to a huge degree. -Ross


Nippon Kodo / Kurobo Nerikoh (Discontinued)

Today I decided to open up my container of Nippon Kodo‘s “Kurobo” Nerikoh and give it a review. Upon first impressions I am confronted with a sweet, woody and spicy mix of scents, straight from the package. It is slated as having aloes wood and sandalwood, while its name is a phrase meaning “Black Priest” in Japanese. I was initially confronted with a base note of a salty/bitter aloes wood scent, alongside cassia and clove and a sweet floral smell I was unable to identify. I also noticed a slight undertone of a soapy smell (barely noticeable, similar to bar soap). After the initial burn in on charcoal in a traditional koro, (and slight heat increase), the overtones faded to a more woody, bitter aloes wood, and the sweetness tapered off. In my personal opinion, I liked this blend a tad more than the previously reviewed Hatsune, And believe that it will appeal to almost anyone, especially those who love sweet woods.