Small Administration Post

I’ve deleted the “Recent Comment Activity” thread, and felt it was just time for a friendly reminder of what is considered acceptable commenting behavior at Olfactory Rescue Service. Of course as always 99% of you always seem to implicitly understand what’s OK and what’s not and we appreciate that.

The general rule of thumb is you’re welcome to say whatever you want about an incense. I honestly don’t even care how much vitriol one uses if they don’t like something, that’s what we’re here to share. Where it crosses the line for me is when a post is made that implies a person’s character (or lack of) is somehow responsible for their opinion, or that posts are being made in terms to favor one business or another – basically that ORS is somehow a conspiracy. Posts that are simply made to be negative, epecially when there is nothing to back up an opinion except for an assertion, aren’t welcome here. We are a friendly bunch, and I don’t like having to be unfriendly, but will if I think its necessary to keep up the integrity of the site.

Second, we do welcome businesses to weigh in and if you’re part of a business and have commented and it hasn’t been flagged then we are perfectly OK with the activity. But it’s important to keep in mind that many people subscribe to this site by e-mail and if I see an inordinate amount of activity from any particularly business, to the point where the feed starts to look like a sales pitch I will do something about it. Under no circumstances is it OK to solicit sales from our readers unless they specifically ask you a question about one of your products.  Nor is it OK to circumvent this rule by sending people over here to ask those questions. 

Most importantly, my staff or I don’t have to time to discuss or debate these rules, nor satisfy anyone’s sense of what is fair or not, we’ll just make the call we have to to ensure this place stays within the bounds we intend. We moderate all posts and if it gets passed that means we’re OK with it. If it doesn’t then I’d suggest changing the post and trying again. Ignoring or e-mailing my staff or myself (or even commenting in this thread) to nitpick over the rules will likely just have me turn the company reviews private until I get the message across. I don’t at all want to delete them permanently, after all, they are there for the consumer, but what I do want is respect for the boundaries we set.

Anyway hopefully this will be all I have to say on this subject for a while, I have upcoming reviews of a group of Shroff incenses I’ve been long meaning to talk about, the notes are all done, so it shouldn’t be long.



  1. Mike said,

    May 10, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Paul, you and your business are no longer welcome at ORS. There is no arguing or debating with you, you’re always right. Please take it somewhere else, I’ve had enough.

  2. Happy Hari said,

    May 8, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Just for my own peace of mind – this isn’t about me any more is it?
    Please delete this if I’m in the clear this time

    [Paul, this would be a good time to just walk away for a while. – ed]

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