Mermade Magickal Arts: Deep Earth Premium-2013, WildWood Forest, Ishtar

There are a number of new offerings at Mermade Magickal Arts right now, many, like the three below are designed to be used with the new heater they are selling. I have found that a lot of people really like this approach as smoke just does not work for them.

Deep Earth Premium-2013: These blends take awhile to make and let mature, but the process produces a very nice incense.  This years blend is very much a multi layered offering with, at times, some distinct notes coming across and over the general deep resins base notes. This is perfect on the electric heater. I noticed on its page at Mermade that this one has Oud oil added to the mix this time as well as Aloeswood. In fact there are quit a few very high priced ingredients in this mix which all help to make for a great experience. For me this blend tends to work best at night as a way to unwind after work.

WildWood Forest: Katlyn does these forest mixes better then any other I have been able to find. If you are in the middle of a city but need some open space in a hurry, just put this on the incense heater. Very deep forest green notes mixed with resins, how could you lose? This has always been one of my favorite blends from Mermade and having it in this form rather then a triangle/cone or stick seems to work better for me. The no smoke factor lets the forest come through much better.

Ishtar: This is a new blend, using very high quality ingredients. There is a somewhat sweet(not too much so)  base resin note, with the labdanum and woods coming over the top that create a very calming and grounding effect that would be very nice for meditation or any spiritual practices.

This is not a super strong room filling incense, however it does do itself proud and I think quite the treat. This batch seems to be in short supply; hopefully more is on the way.



  1. October 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm

    […] keeping a supply of this on hand, once I have the means to. As stated in the previous article by Ross, it comes across very thick, resiny and woody. Upon placing it on my charcoal censer,  Curiously […]

  2. Mike said,

    July 8, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I’m completely freaking out over the new Mermade heater. I should take a picture of my table, there’s like dozens of heatable incenses pretty much everywhere and I’m using it almost around the clock. I never used to use previous heaters this much because I’d always have to babysit the temperature control and I multi task a lot. With this one, I can leave it all the way up and then just periodically change the foil cup. Particularly with resin mixes the results are just spectacular. I’m a huge fan of the foresty resin mixes which Katlyn is just a genius at (totally agree with Ross here, noone does these better) and really dug the Forest Amber as well as all the old blends I’ve been digging out again. I also really like the tweezer and spoon tools the heater came with, they just make everything perfect. In fact I think someone emailed me (sorry for the delay) about getting a good incense for someone who doesn’t like smoke, and quite frankly you just couldn’t do better than arming yourself with one of these heaters and sticking to woods and blends. Oh and hougary frankincense on this heater is the next closest step to aromatic paradise. I REALLY need to go frank shopping again soon!

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