Yamadamatsu now at Japan Incense

Kohshi/JapanIncense is now offering Yamadamatsu’s incense directly on their website. There are a lot of choices to ponder in a variety of incense styles. Perhaps best of all, the prices on all of it appear to be quite close to what amounts to Japanese retail. This is a first for US buyers and not to be missed. The Shu-ju  series of high end kyara incense sticks is once again being sold (they were sadly gone for about a year) in all three scents. I think these are some of the best on the market and are (or at least were, mine are about 2 years old at this point) a very classic scent without too much spice in order to let the wood notes really shine.

There is quite a collection in the raw woods section at many different levels and prices, including three different types or grades of kyara, about the same for the agarwoods and some of the best sandalwood around.

I have to say that at these prices it is a lot saner to buy here rather than over the internet in Japan and then go through the agony of shipping and the dreaded “What if it doesn’t make it through Customs?”. Not to mention wondering if you have actually gotten the Japanese to English translation figured out so that you really did order the right things and not destroy your bank account for the wrong stuff 🙂