Some updates: Agaraura, Feeloud, Oudimentry and Kyarazen

Added Agaraura, Feeloud and Oudimentry to the Incense Suppliers. I have bought from all of these people and they all have quality products and service(IMO)

Also added Kyarazen to the Blogs section. Great information about Oud woods, oils and incense as well as the maker of a fantastic incense Heater. -Ross



  1. David Oller said,

    September 10, 2013 at 7:52 am

    Oh, the first book I read on Japanese incense, and still one of the best is a chapter from “In Ghostly Japan” by Lacadio Hearn

  2. David Oller said,

    September 10, 2013 at 7:49 am

    Hello Ross,

    I have been looking at many of the sources and information on Agarwood on the net, including many site referred to here.

    It was in 1998 that I founded Esoterics LLC to Import Baieido Incense into the USA. Prior to that I had the first site on Agarwood in the USA and sold Shoyeido and Triloka incense on the first commercial incense webpage.

    In 2002 I listed the first URL with Japanese Incense in the name, as a non commercial information on Japanese incense and Agarwood. I took privately translated unpublished in English information from source like Professor Yoneda and Professor Hiroyuki Jinpo (The leading expert and master of Kodo in Japan) and with their permission made it available.

    Several books have used my research, some gave credit, some simply plagiarized and never gave any credit.

    I founded Alices Restaurant to help bring these traditions to the West.

    Today, to say I am somewhat upset by the state and quality of information and the way information has been twisted and appropriated would be a gross understatement.

    Let me start with: Forget what every single one of these people are saying about Green Kyara! We introduced that too, only Baieido just says: “Kyara is Kyara!”

    I hope you don’t mind me venting like this. I normally keep my mouth shut and try to even support my competitors. Not long ago my good friend Silvio died, he was cheated out of his royalties on the very best researched book on incense in English. Before he died he wrote two articles for me to publish on I was able to convince his publisher to reprint in paperback and pay him royalties. I would appreciate people reading both the book and his articles.

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