Terra’s Incense Contest

On the heels of John’s Haiku contest, another one of our readers has stepped up with a plan to share some more incense. I now turn this over to Terra!


I’m Terra and I’ve been mostly stalking this site for years, and only recently started posting. I have accumulated a lot of incense over the years, and some of it really isn’t to my liking. I’m giving away several sets of incense to those who might enjoy them more than I do. It isn’t a contest of poetry or skill test, just a drawing.¬†To enter, simply post a few sentences about why you like incense, your favorite kind (Japanese, Indian, Tibetan, Resin, not specific brands), and how you got into incense. If you are new to incense, simply tell me why you’ve become interested in it and what type seems the most interesting to you. US citizens only, too, I’m afraid. These sets are FREE and I don’t want to charge anyone, but if it were international, I would have to charge. This is my example:

“I love incense because it helps cleanse the house, relaxes me, scents my clothing, and helps me sleep. I also really enjoy the feeling people get when they enter my house and smell the incense for the first time. My favorite type of incense is resin, followed closely by Japanese. I like these types because you just seem to get more scent out of them, making them well worth the prices. I first discovered incense the way many people do: my pot smoking friends were using cheap Satya Nag Champa to cover the smell. I was more interested in the smell of the Champa than the pot and I looked into incense and started my journey with cheap Indian incenses, slowly graduating to Japanese, Tibetan, and finally to resins.”

It doesn’t have to be that long at all. That’s just an example. There are four sets of various incense types. So there will be four chosen, the first chosen getting their pick of the sets, second, third, and then fourth. If you don’t like the scents included in any of the sets, simply don’t enter. I don’t want people to be in my boat and have a stack of incense they can’t/won’t use.

Here are the sets. Keep in mind these are NOT full boxes unless otherwise marked. They are mostly full, however:

Set 1:

Mother’s Nag Champa Om (one stick missing)

Mother’s Nag Champa Ganesh (one stick missing)

Mother’s Nag Champa Buddha (unopened, still sealed)

Mother’s Nag Champa Moksha (one stick missing)

Fred Soll’s Frankincense and Sandalwood

Fred Soll’s Vanilla Classic

Set 2:

Entire set of Japanese Morning Star 50 stick boxes (holders included in most boxes)

200 box Amber Morning Star Sticks (full 200, but has been opened, holder still included)

Angelic Shoyeido Gift Set (still in gift box)

Set 3:

Satya Natural Nag Champa x2 (both boxes sealed and unopened, relatively new)

Satya Red Box Nag Champa

Satya Blue Box Nag Champa

Choice of 120 stick HEM incense pack (Amber Sandalwood, Hindu Spices, The Moon, Chandan)

20 box HEM Serenity

Set 4:

Traditional Mandala in bamboo tube (one stick missing)

Yog-Sadhana (missing one stick)

BOSEN Pythoncidere Coils (one coil half-burned, other than that missing nothing)

BOSEN Old Sandalwood (missing one stick)

BOSEN Zambhala Joss Stick (20 sticks, VERY long, no box since these are a gift from my 250 stick box set, will be carefully wrapped and packed)

If you need a stick holder or burner (will fit all sticks, except Tibetan), say so. I have a bottle of pink sparkling sand, a huge unopened bag of white sand, aluminum stick burner (very heavy and well made), various wooden burners with unique designs (if you want one with two holes, say so when you win), and a Tibetan burner (also holds thin Japanese sticks and Indian style sticks). Also have a gorgeous castle shaped cone-only burner and a (used) wine bottle incense burner (clip the stick in, and put it in the bottle, bottle collects ash and releases more smoke than normal holders, very pretty). Whichever set the winners choose, please choose an appropriate burner if you need one. If you do not need a burner, great, it’ll save me shipping costs. If you do need one, I’m happy to provide. This is an excellent chance for people to experience new types of incense or to start their own incense collection if they don’t have much so far.

E-mail me at princessschala@gmail.com if you want pictures of any burner or the sets being offered. The drawing will end July 3rd, giving me the holiday to prepare the sets for shipment. Hope people are interested in the free incense being offered here!

–¬†TerraRenee, incense lover