Baieido Rikkoku Six Countries Set for sale

I am selling an Baieido Rikkoku Set purchased in 2008 on EBay if anyone is interested.

Pretty sure the woods in this set are much better then what is available today. Pictures and weights are in the listing.

You can also contact me by email, address is under my bio.




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  1. March 21, 2016 at 11:14 am

    With about 2 hours left, I started looking at this seriously and realized that you could probably sell this if you compared it directly to what is available at Japanincense, where Kotaro has the weights of the current rikkoku set for the SAME PRICE – all the pieces are about half the size, INCLUDING the KYARA. So it’s more like you’re getting a 1600-2000 dollar value for this set.

    The reason I don’t buy it? Because like Ross, it will sit in a drawer and maybe get used once before I end up selling it a decade out. As much as I like heating wood chunks, my daily incense use is sticks.

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