Out for a bit.

My real job workload has increased exponentially this year to the point where I haven’t been able to attend to any outstanding ORS reviews or even keep on social media, or do anything but recuperate on my down time in the last month. This looks to be true probably through June or July at least. I had meant to share my impressions on Mermade’s Sacred Grove, Pan’s Earth, Deep Earth Kyphi and Earth Angel. All I can say at this point is they are excellent as usual and I recommend grabbing them if they are in stock. Anyway for the time being if you would like me to review something first please check with me first by writing me at the About page. I’m glad to see Ross is around doing some new reviews while I’m gone! All the best to everyone and hope to be back after the insanity eases up.

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  1. Mike said,

    April 23, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Strange that in the days posting this note I probably had more requests for assistance than I did before posting this, but those are the ways of the internet. 🙂 These ranged from one post on this very thread that I just deleted to e-mails from friends that I’d love to reply to but can’t at the moment. I do hope to be back but I can’t address things that are beyond the remit of the site or do things for a single company in particular that I haven’t done for others etc.

    Part of the issue is that the WordPress – Internet Explorer interface isn’t very good these days and one of the computers I use to do reviews is really problematic and errors upon saving things at times and so it’s not an easy fix and I’ve lost quite a bit of time writing sentences that disappear upon autosaves and that sort of thing and I don’t really have the space to concentrate on changing my rhythm.

    However, while I get a second, I did want to type out my notes for the above Mermade incenses. I realize this isn’t a proper review, but hopefully they’re of some assistance and they’ll give a bit of a window to my review creating process. It was during this that I got a flu that knocked out my nose for a month only for work to pick up right at the end of it, so unfortunately I’m not able to recreate the direction I was going in…

    Sacred Grove: high sierras, heavy evergreen, campfire, like one of Mermade’s forest incenses rugged style; great green notes on top of a crackling fire underneath; like a deluxe version of a (forest Tibetan) incense.

    Pan’s Earth: another level, a brilliant sultry mix of patchouli and other green smells with a deep aloeswood; It’s still a forest incense in its own way, but of a much more pagan kind, very resonant, aroma lasts past burn.

    Deep Earth Kyphi: a very subtle form of the kyara, still has the mélange-like qualities of a fine win, brown sugar etc. Find this to be very hard to pick up, it’s very mellow [probably congestion at the time!]

    Earth Angel: fruity, resinous and grassy, but on the lighter side of things, strong palo santo presence.

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