Two Incense “grab boxes” for sale [SOLD]

Boxes have been sold. Thanks for those who write in. – Mike

Hi everyone. First of all, I wanted to mention that ORS is still closed. The site has actually had quite a few comments since I closed it down, but I haven’t really had the time or head space to decide what to do with them as I really don’t want to open things up again. I am not doing reviews any more and don’t really foresee a future where things will change. I think the connections and support system that used to help keep ORS a going concern years back don’t exist in the same way anymore and it’s just too complicated to sort out and rejuvenate. Incense changes with the seasons and the old reviews probably related to what you can buy less and less. I am posting however because I have been cleaning house and have two incense grab boxes I’d like to sell if anyone wants them. They are basically a mix of various styles and origins and although most of the items have been sampled in some way, they probably retailed close to $75-$100. I am offering two boxes for $25 each, inclusive of shipping in the US. Please contact me at the e-mail address on the About page (I’m Mike) or leave me a comment (they will not be posted here but I will see them) if you want either or both. They are definitely priced to move. All the best to everyone.