Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense

I’m always on the lookout for a Tibetan incense that has a salty tanginess similar to Holy Land. After you’ve gone through a bunch of scents that are largely wood based, you tend to realize how rare incenses like that are. However, Dirapuk Monastery Special Incense, if it doesn’t quite reach the rarified heights of Holy Land, can at least be seen roughly in that class of incenses. I’m not entirely sure if that’s part of a musk hit I’m smelling because this isn’t a very sweet incense, but it shares a bit of that same sweltery scent that has made Holy Land such a favorite. The difference here is this one is a little more akin to the more typical woody blends you usually find from monasteries. The listed ingredients are borneol, cinnamon, red and white sandalwood. I get the borneol right away off of this and it’s part of why this is such an attractive incense because it’s in the foreground. The cinnamon seems to be a bit more buried, but this can always be a judicious choice. I enjoy this the more I burn it. Now if you’re reading this and going what is Holy Land, you should immediately stop and go buy a package. If it’s not one of the best incenses for its price in the entire world, I don’t know what is, whether it’s the Grade A or B. But if you’re a big fan of the incense and want to try something that mixes it up a little, like an incense in the same same scent range with enough variation to make it worth it, this is definitely worth picking up. And for a $10 spot, it’s nearly as much as a steal.

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