Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet / Long Du Relaxing Incense

Like Traditional Tibet Medicine Pharmaceutical Company’s An Shen Tranquility Incense, Tibetan Medicine Company of Traditional Tibet’s Long Du Relaxing Incense is a very different incense from its flagship blend. For one thing it’s a rare, short and stubby little incense, as if they were confident this was going to relax you so fast that they knew you didn’t really need more than the inch or so in the stick before you were off to dreamland. Also like An Shen, Long Du seems to fall roughly into that category of what might be called “Agar 31” incenses due to both the presence of agarwood and the intended effect; however, the only given (36) ingredients are sandalwood, nutmeg, myrobalan, frankincense and clove. I’m not even sure you’d notice the frankincense was there except for this list. Once again, this doesn’t resemble either Holy Land in any way, but unlike An Shen this is a bit more of an noticeable aroma with a nice bit of spice and a little tanginess too. While I understand the need to not get too aromatically invigorating with a relaxing incense, I do like that this still has some personality to it. Plus even though it’s a little box, it’s also priced accordingly. Overall a very decent woody Tibetan blend, with a pleasant and friendly aroma that sits as a good example of a traditional.



  1. June 27, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Because I had noticed that my Tibetans go moldy here in Hawaii, I set out to consume the whole thing as quickly as possible so I burned a ‘stubby’ every night before bed and I found that this really does bring on the nodding head and heavy lids faster than without, because after doing it every night for a few weeks, I notice it missing. So there is definitely some medicinal effect I can notice, but like anything in TCM, it’s subtle and cumulative and not instant and fast like a drug.

    • Mike said,

      June 27, 2021 at 11:24 am

      I hear ya. Even the sticks that aren’t necessarily designed for calming or relaxation I find myself reaching for the in the evening.

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