Gadong Monastery / Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery Incense

Gadong Tsendok Ling Monastery (TLM) Incense includes white and red sandalwoods, agarwood, saffron, clove and cinnamon in its blend. Any time I see a line up like that I’m intrigued. Tibetans often seem to vary quite a bit on how high the spice content is in incenses and I’m often a little more pleased when the clove and cinnamon is a bit more noticeable (which reminds me but I need to find a source for Yog-Sadhana, which had the spice level turned up to eleven). So in many ways this formula I think might be a bit friendlier to newcomers than other more deeply traditional monastery incenses. It has a pretty lively vibe to it overall, it has the Himalayan (I want to say alpine, but you know, wrong mountain chain) freshness in the woods they use, the usual musk note, the usual saffron note, but there’s something about the way the spice plays off the saffron that gives this more of a floral note than you usually get. There’s also a bit of sweetness to it which is much more apparent to me after the last few reviews of Tibetan incenses I’ve posted here. A really nice, intriguing incense – if you want to go for a monastery incense with depth then this is a stop you’ll want to make.

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