Ba’er Qude Si Incense

This is probably the third Tibetan incense running I’ve reviewed that has a sort of mix of woods, spices and rhododendron-like autumn notes. All of these sticks kind of have an orange or red or ochre-ish color to them which really helps kind of cement that post-harvest feel in style. Ba’er Qude Si (long stick) incense might actually turn up the spice content a little higher than Gadong TLM which creates a very nice and balanced feel to the ingredients overall. There’s musk, as usual, but not too sweet. In fact a personal observation for my own tastes is when the spice (roughly cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, mace, cardamom – that sort of thing) is a bit elevated in the mix it actually kind of substitutes in for sweetness and I crave the latter less. The ingredients as listed include white and red sandalwood, stigma croci (saffron), cardamom, lilac, musk and “30 medicinal crops” which is also a bit different than the usual line up you see due to the lilac. The high-altitude feel comes into it in a powerful way, not unlike Samye Monastery’s stick, the whole atmosphere is really redolent of the whole Himalayan mystique. Overall this is a really gorgeous and full Tibetan incense and at $10 it is really perfectly price pointed and well worth it.

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