Dirapuk Monastery / Mt. Kailash Holy Incense

A couple months back I wrote about Dirapuk Monastery’s Special Incense, but they also have one that comes in a box (and while mine is white, apparently it comes in red and blue boxes as well). Mt. Kailash Holy Incense (which is probably a touch more special than the special) is another really spectacular monastery wonder. It features more than 30 ingredients which include red and white sandalwood, cinnamon and borneol. Right away this checks a lot of the boxes I like, it has deep evergreen tendencies that make it a wonderful morning scent, it has a really distinct and strong hit of camphor in it, always a favorite of mine, and it really has a surprising amount of complexity to it. A reviewer at the incense-traditions.ca page sensed wormwood in the mix, which seems like a very good call and I’d guess there’s some rhododendron here as that seems to be common when the sticks are ochre colored. The juniper and sandalwoods all seem to be nicely fresh and exude quality which really help to contrast against the wonderful camphor note here. Also all of these other elements seem to tie together through the natural cinnamon (and likely, other spice) content. So you have it all, evergreen, camphor, mint, herbal, wood and spice all rolled into one and everything popping with aroma. Recommended.

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