Bhutan Jewel Incense of Bhutan A Traders / DC (Drichog Chotrin) Incense (Bhutan Jewel Incense)

As I review Bhutanese incenses, it gets a little bit more difficult to differentiate one from another as many of them are in the same style, including what is the red or purple-stick “jewel incense” style. But I don’t think there’s any question that Drichog Chotrin is a solid entry into the field, in fact it very could well be the very picture or trademark of this style (and yes if this feels a bit like deja vu. it’s not entirely surprising). It has the strong tensile strength of a fully blended incense, the berry/cherry mix that acts as the front note, the sandalwood, the musk, the floral and saffron elements (this appears to be listed as safflower which is often a saffron substitute) as well as the sort of tobacco and herb spice that gives the sweetness a little bit of vigor to it. It’s not on the lighter side either, with all of the ingredients at peak strength which belies that even though the price range on Bhutanese incenses is rather narrow, this is closer to the upper end of it. Writing about these, I often feel like I’d almost have to do the full range before I could then start sorting out which of these are my favorites because I really do find them all enjoyable, but they’re also within a fairly tight range. However I might say an incense like Lhawang Driden is a bit denser and richer, in the same style. The box on this one also appears to be marketed to English speakers as it appears to be the only language used.

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  1. pathwaysiren said,

    August 22, 2021 at 8:40 am

    Wow! I just came back here. I’m so glad to see ORS is BACK! Thank you sooooo much. I have my nightly reading/research now. ❤

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