Drizang Kuenchap/Lhawang Driden Jaju Incense

You might only realize this is a different incense from the “regular” Drizang Kuenchap/Lhawang Driden from the fact that the label on the Drizang Kuenchap/Lhawang Driden Jaju is yellow rather than white and the incense is tan rather red, which you just barely might be able to see at the tail end of the package if it was unopened. The label itself looks close to identical from a rough going over. In many ways this tan-colored Bhutanese stick is something of a secondary style to the usual red/purple stick and tends to be less of a berry-like affair and nicely woody. In fact you can see “jaju” incenses pop up elsewhere like in the Nado line. I’ve discussed that scent of freshly cut wood that you often smell after a saw has been used in a workshop before. The jaju seems to have that aroma as a centerpiece, while the rest of the aroma is crafted around it in a way that does make it something of a cousin to the usual Bhutanese style. This crafting softens what would be the natural harshness of some cut wood by adding a nice bit of spice to the mix, but most importantly that cherry-berry redness that you usually smell in the red stick is virtually gone, even if some of the same elements remain in both incenses. It feels like the sandalwood is a lot more noticeable in the stick, but at the same time, jajus don’t seem to really vary all that much in price – it’s actually cheaper than the flagship. Perhaps the largest takeaway is that it’s mostly the base of the incense that seems to differ. Overall this is certainly a Bhutanese style worth familiarizing yourself, particularly if you’re already familiar with the usual blend. And this brand seems to be a particularly strong and definitive example of it, so it’s not a bad place to start.


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